Welcome to Pio

Yamato Riverside Town Pio opened in 2000 as the largest shopping center in the Gujo area. We sell food items as well as other personal effects necessary in daily life. And precisely because shopping is a daily human activity, we value the warm communication and rapport with others that it enables. We want to help the residents of Gujo to live happily. And in the future, we will continue to further enrich life in Gujo.

Pio Terrace, a rest spot where everyone can gather

The communal space, located in the middle of the shopping center, is freely open to all Pio visitors as a place to rest. In addition to the break area, which you are free to use while shopping, there is also a children’s play area. You can bring in purchased drinks, bakery items and sweets, and enjoy chatting with others. The space is also available for hosting various types of events.

YAMATO CAFÉ, Gujo’s first large-scale café lounge

Here, amidst the natural texture of wood and the refined yet unpretentious interior design, you can leisurely soothe and calm yourself. And of course, special attention is paid to flavor as well. You can enjoy coffee with a flavor like no other brewed using the delicious water of the Gujo-Yamato area and unprocessed beans (aged at just above the freezing point, which provides a unique aroma and mellowness). And that’s not all…

Information specifically tailored for overseas visitors is available.

The renewed floor map and signs arranged throughout the shopping center are labeled in English and Chinese. Each shop is equipped with a POCKETALK translation device in order to enable overseas visitors to use the facilities free from worry.

Easy-to-use handicap-accessible restrooms are available.

All restrooms are now western-style. Multipurpose restrooms are also available. Men’s restrooms now also feature a diaper changing area, so both mothers and fathers accompanying small children are able to use the facilities free from anxiety.